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I am a freelance software engineer and consultant with a focus on online accessibility, higher education, Gatsby, and WordPress.

The majority of my work consists of online accessibility auditing and remediation and custom web development. I have been active in the higher education space since 2007.

While 100% of my time is currently under contract, I am taking smaller jobs.

Contact me for more information.

Here is a broad list of the services I provide:

  • Online accessibility:

    • Audits
    • Consulting
    • Remediation
  • Gatsby:

    • Custom theme and application development
  • WordPress:

    • Custom plugin and theme development
    • I am an advanced WordPress developer who has been active in the community since 2011
  • General custom web development:

    • I am proficient in all front-end languages (HTML, CSS, JS)
    • I am a specialist in building accessible web technologies
    • I am proficient in PHP and Javascript for developing server-side applications