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I've had the pleasure of sharing my experience and passions in various formats, from conferences to podcasts to webinars.

This is not a complete list but a good representation of my experience. As you'll notice, I love to talk about online accessibility and higher education.

Let me know if you want to chat.

WPCampus: Where WordPress meets higher education


HighEdWeb is an organization of web professionals working at institutions of higher education. I have been a proud member since my first HighEdWeb conference in 2011 in Austin, Texas. HighEdWeb is also a partner of WPCampus.

HighEdWeb Alabama

HighEdWeb Alabama was a regional conference presented by HighEdWeb in 2015 and hosted at The University of Alabama. This was also the first conference I ever chaired.

Accessibility Summit


WordCamps are community-organized conferences that focus on WordPress. They are (usually) city-based. These informal events allow myself, and other WordPress users, the opportunity to share what we're doing with WordPress, learn from others, and visit with dear friends. Sometimes I apply to present, sometimes I simply go to attend and enjoy the camaraderie and professional development. Some of my talks are posted on They are listed under Rachel Cherry and Rachel Carden.


LoopConf is a conference focused on WordPress developers. I was honored to present at the first event on a topic near and dear to my heart: imposter syndrome.


Webinars take advantage of technology and allow anyone to teach, or share what they're working on, over the Internet, without the expense and (sometimes) hassle of travel.


Podcasts give me a chance to talk about the topics I'm passionate about while hanging out with some pretty awesome people.


I've shared at a few meetups over the years but these are generally not shared or available online. I'll try to document what I can find.

* If I've failed to mention something, it was not intentional. I'd really appreciate the heads up so I can add it to the list.