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Gatsby is a free and open source framework based on React. I have become a big fan of their community, their leadership, and the priority they place on accessibility. This website is built using Gatsby.

Gatsby Google Group

I created (and moderate) a Google Group forum where web developers discuss, share, support each other, and learn all things Gatsby. You are welcome to join! I look forward to learning with you.

Join our Gatsby Google Group

100 Days of Gatsby Challenge

Our Google Group is participating in the "100 Days of Gatsby" challenge starting January 1, 2020.

You can find the challenges on the Gatsby blog using their "100DaysOfGatsby" blog tag.

Register for the #100DaysOfGatsby challenge

Our group mission

A place for all members to discuss, share, support each other, and learn all things Gatsby.

Why a Google Group?

As someone who has many Slack accounts, I'm intrigued to experiment with Google Groups as a method of group communication in which you do not have to follow along in real time to participate. You can read and respond in your own time!

How to get the most out of the group:

If you've never participated in a Google Group before, it's basically a listserv. It's an email powered web forum. For the complete list, view our "Welcome" thread.

  • You can follow along by email.
  • You can view all posts in the forum.
  • While I won't require any specific level of activity (we all have busy lives), I do ask that you participate when possible and refrain from only "lurking". We all want to learn and hear from you!

Before you post to the group:

For more detailed instructions, view our "Welcome" thread.

  • Look at previous forum posts to see if your topic is already being discussed.
  • Be sure to include a concise subject and message
  • Did you search the web first for answers? e.g. Google or DuckDuckGo
  • Be mindful of using gender specific language like “guys” as our group has more than just members of the male gender.
  • Keep in mind that most online communication lacks nuance, like nonverbal cues, facial expressions, and body language.
  • While we all struggle and become frustrated from time to time, this will not be a place to vent or criticize.
  • Use tags to categorize your posts. Check out the list of tags for more information.

List of tags

Using tags is a great way to keep our posts organized. I recommend only assigning the top 2-3 most important tags to each post.

Here's a list of the current tags and what they might best be used for:

  • group-admin

    • I will use this tag for posts like this one, which discuss or share information related to the group
  • 100-days-of-gatsby

    • Any questions, discussions, resources, etc. related to the 100 Days of Gatsby challenge
  • challenge-1, challenge-2, challenge-3, challenge-4, challenge-5, etc.

    • Any questions, discussions, resources, etc. related to specific challenges from the 100 Days of Gatsby challenge
  • for-beginners

    • If you're sharing resources, tutorials, etc for beginners
  • resources

    • If you're sharing (or looking for) resources
  • demos-examples

    • If you're sharing (or looking for) demos or examples
  • tutorials

    • If you're sharing (or looking for) tutorials
  • cms, wordpress, drupal, etc

    • If you're posting anything related to CMSes, or any specific CMSes
  • hosting

    • Any questions, discussions, resources, etc. related to hosting
  • looking-for-feedback

    • If you're looking for thoughts or ideas in response to your post
  • looking-for-help

    • If you're looking for help (with coding or debugging) in response to your post
  • debugging

    • If your post is about debugging a problem

Code of Conduct

If need be, I will put together a Code of Conduct but until then: be kind, considerate, constructive, and respectful and we won't have a problem. However, I reserve the right to remove anyone I feel is harmful to the group, its goals, and its members.

To report inappropriate behavior

If you've been the victim of, or witness to, inappropriate behavior, please forward the information to

Contact me about the group

If you ever need to contact me (for questions, ideas for the group, or to report inappropriate behavior) you may do so by sending an email to